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Ryan Dashiell


Ryan Dashiell creates ocean themed resin art inspired from the beauty of the ocean and the sea creatures that call it home. Each piece has multiple layers of food safe epoxy resin to effectively emulate not just the depth of the water, but also the crashing of the waves. By carefully mixing the pigments to achieve the desired hues for the different levels of the ocean, she is able to recreate shimmering waves crashing on the shore or a peaceful scenic view with sea creatures swimming through a sandbar. No two pieces turn out the same making each piece she creates truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

Originally from Atlanta, Ryan moved to Savannah after earning her Biology degree from Georgia Southern and became a private tutor, working with children of all ages. During a trip to Australia, Ryan was introduced to resin and soon after began practicing her techniques. Her travels have helped inspired her artwork and she hopes to recreate a piece of the ocean for you to take home and enjoy!