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Stella Ranae Von Schmid

Stella Ranae for Gallery 209

Stella Ranae Von Schmid is native to the Northeast Coal Mining Region of Pennsylvania.  For the past 23 years she has achieved an in-depth knowledge of vintage/antique fashion & home décor, with a targeted focus on clothing & textiles.   

In the last few years of her work, she moved heavily towards restoration - studying natural color & its history - working to correctly restore textiles. This restoration quickly progressed into natural dye work & printing with botanical matter. 

Her botanical dyeing is focused on wearable fashion, utility art, & zero waste. This multiple step art form is part of the Slow Art Movement & derived from centuries old folk traditions of making dye & coloring fibers. A method of direct contact printing, pulling out pigments & impressions from flowers & plants. She takes it to a modern, eco-conscious place- organic & sustainable.

Stella’s results are one-of-a-kind. All works process differently with factors like: time of year-rainfall- foraged area- even the water sourced. This uniqueness is never a flaw, rather what makes it so special.
Stella Ranae for Gallery 209

“I strive to respect nature & work seasonally with fresh or fallen botanical matter, just like how I garden & eat. That gift comes from my Dad, who grew up in a large farming family. I forage locally in the city of Savannah, mostly by bicycle. If you know Savannah, our amazing tree canopy is true inspiration & utilized in all my art. What better gift can you take away from such a special place! In my downtime: it’s more research & experiments. I machine sew & hand stitch. You can also find me in the garden year round growing native plants & medicinals herbs, veggies & lots of flowers. I am even growing my own indigo now!" 

Instagram: @stellaranae

Email: stellaranae@hotmail.com