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Suzy Hokanson

Drawn to the idea of creating something totally unique, Suzy experiments with the surface. Her handwoven and nuno-felted pieces are like paintings; the loom or fabric becomes her canvas where she plays with different colors, textures and fibers to create something special – something that could never be reproduced by a machine – human and warm and vibrant. Improvisation, free weaving, zen, being in the moment.  Suzy embraces free-style weaving or Saori®️ where self-expression, experimentation and serendipitous discovery are valued. While in traditional weaving regularity and uniformity are important, in Saori weaving there are no mistakes- only beauty without intention. 

Suzy is deeply affected by the aesthetic of the Bauhaus, an art school in Germany that existed between WWI and WWI and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi. After visiting the various Bauhaus sites in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, she wrote a book about the weavers of the Bauhaus as her Masters thesis in art history from Goddard College. In 2005 Suzy received a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship and spent several weeks in Japan exploring the culture & discovering the fiber arts and traditions of Japan. These experiences inform her art.

Suzy enjoys the textures and colors in all kinds of fibers from silk, wool and alpaca to cotton, linen and the man-made rayon fibers. Using her own handspun yarn in her fiber art adds vitality to the piece. These techniques take time, but she enjoys every single part of the process. Suzy’s hope is that by owning a piece of her artwork you find as much joy as she had in the creating it!

Suzy and her husband Bob and their Portuguese water dog, Kizi live on Whitemarsh Island outside of Savannah, GA. Summers are spent living on their sailboat on Lake Champlain in upstate New York where Suzy continues to create her fiber art.                                                        Photo credit: Ryan Lee Photography

Email:    suzyhokanson@gmail.com 

Website:   www.suzanneworkhokanson.com