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Deborah Mueller

One Red Feather


Raku Vessel - entitled "One Red Feather"

Strictly Decorative Raku Vessel, 6"w x 5-3/8"h, Blue and Dark Copper Raku Glaze with Guinea feathers and 1 red feather,

Raku Clay is a special mix to withstand Thermal Shock. The pots are fired quickly and cooled down quickly. Raku dates back to 16th century Japan. In the western world the glazed ware is removed from the kiln around 1800 degrees, placed in a container filled with combustibles and tightly covered. This reduces the oxygen, the smoke turns the raw clay black, and creates unique effects in the glaze. After 20 minutes or longer, depending on how patient you are, you remove the ware and once it is cool enough to handle, a light abrasive is used to clean off the excess carbon and you now have a beautiful piece of artwork to enjoy.

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