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Deborah Mueller



Raku Vessel - entitled "Wired"

Strictly Decorative Raku Vessel, Turquoise w/copper wire and multi-colored Turquoise & Onyx Beads , 2-3/8"w x 6.75"h.

Raku originated with a Korean Immigrant to Japan and has been passed down through the same family for generations. The final firing is done in an outside gas kiln. When the glaze matures the kiln is opened and the pot is transferred to a container with combustibles (newspaper, sawdust, leaves, etc.), the container is sealed and left to smoke 20 minutes or more, depending on your patience. After opening the pot is taken out of the container and cooled. Once cool enough to handle a mild abrasive cleaner is used to clean off the carbon deposits and you now have a beautiful piece of artwork. The first firing usually takes about 1 hour.

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