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Angela Erdy

"I began my studies at Ohio University studying painting. After graduating, I took several art related jobs but always felt on the fringe of art, my personal quest for a creative outlet. It wasn't until I moved to South Carolina and apprenticed with a jewelry designer that I found my calling. Once I had learned the basics, I was free to experiment. I endeavor to create designs that push the limits of conventional jewelry design and possibly alter our view of what is beautiful.”

With her knowledge in color theory and design, Angela utilizes her art background to develop a unique line of jewelry. Many of her designs are influenced by the jewelry designs from the past. Recently she has been working on a line of jewelry that combines melting and fusing precious metals as well as hammering to create texture. Each of her jewelry pieces is unique. Much of her work is a study in contrast. They are smooth and textured, and or geometric and organic. For Angela “the possibilities are limitless the only limits are the ones you put on yourself.”

Website: AngelaErdyDesigns.com

Email:  erdydesigns@gmail.com