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Kathryn Riechert

“My inspiration comes from everyday life, as I seek to transform the beauty I find into the permanence of metal and stone. My designs are often uplifting with positive messages in the hopes that they can make the world a little bit brighter.”

Kathryn works predominantly in sterling silver using traditional metalsmithing tools and techniques in combination with occasional stones and pearls. Stones and pearls are simply colors to her. She selects them based on their natural attributes and often seeks out uncommon shapes and unusual patterns. Wire is something to be drawn with. The thin silver line becomes her pencil as she forms permanent drawings to be worn and enjoyed.








Website: KathrynRiechert.com

Instagram:  @KathrynRiechert

Facebook:  @KathrynRiechert

Email:  KJR@KathrynRiechert.com