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Deborah Auleatha Mueller

“The beautiful artwork I love creating is influenced by my surroundings. I have always been drawn to Asian design so without trying my work at times follows this direction. I begin with a drawing; however, once I start working the clay, it seems to have a mind of its’ own. The end result of each piece is never exactly as I first envisioned, most of the time it exceeds my original vision, and other times I have to begin anew. As with any art form I am constantly learning, and happily, there is always a new technique or idea from which to draw inspiration.”

Deborah is a native of Savannah, GA. and studied ceramics with Helen Weisz at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, PA., and John Jensen at Armstrong State College in Savannah. Her work includes functional, decorative and sculptural pottery using Stoneware and Raku clays. Her functional pottery is made from stoneware clay and is decorated with food safe glazes. The use of mixed media in her Raku, especially the incorporation of weaving materials, creates an unusual and exciting way of viewing pottery. Deborah’s work is held in private collections both nationally and internationally.

Email:  Auleatha@planters.net