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Melissa Beauchamp

Melissa Beauchamp started mmb by hand to explore and combine her passions for sewing and sourcing eco-friendly goods. Melissa creates modern, organic and sustainable bags, home goods, and accessories that are made using only certified organic fabrics (and natural cork!) with a fun, mid-century vibe. Handcrafted, unique items that are made to last. 


Melissa is very passionate about supporting small businesses, our community, and sustainable living. She was born and raised in Savannah and started mmb by hand in 2015 after spending years involved in the local community running the Savannah Food Co-op which provided fresh, organic food to our community and supported many small farms in the area. Melissa has been involved in the local artisan scene in Savannah since the inception of mmb by hand, and she has loved having her items included in the evolution of many local businesses over the years. She is grateful she is able to do something she loves everyday, and she sneaks in personal sewing to expand her handmade wardrobe whenever possible!

• Facebook -- facebook.com/mmbbyhand
• Instagram -- mmb_byhand
• Website -- www.mmbbyhand.com
• Email -- melissa@mmbbyhand.com