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Erica Catherine

Erica Catherine

Erica Catherine was born and raised here in Savannah, Georgia. After completing her BFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016, she stayed local to be close to friends, family, and be in the amazing city she has always called home.

Erica Catherine Illustration started as a way to create everyday products that fused her two passions; a love for drawing and a love for unique goods. Inspired by the natural and antique details that surround us here in Savannah, she aims to bring that special spirit to all of her designs. Her work is created using a mixture of graphite drawing with watercolor layering over the top to create the ethereal and vintage inspired work that harks back to turn of the century botanical illustration.

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Alongside her drawing work, Erica also transforms everyday products as a place to showcase her illustrations. Once the designs are completed the products are created in small batches in her humble studio. Each product is meant to make every occasion or a special gift exactly that; one of a kind and truly beautiful.