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Tim Dunbar

Tim Dunbar grew up along the banks of Mississippi River about 100 miles North of St. Louis in Hannibal Missouri.  From an early age he created and constructed things out of numerous mediums, especially wood.  He painted (oil based), threw pottery, built furniture, and indulged in many facets of woodworking.  

Professionally, he began as a pipe fitter and over a 35 year career he held many positions finally progressing to the level of project manager.  Privately, Tim continued working with wood, building homes, garages, decks, and entryways.  

Recognized locally for his skill as a craftsman, he was commissioned by the Hannibal Historical Society to replicate an entryway in the Mark Twain Historic District.  

Recently, Tim designed and built a 20’ sailboat in his garage resembling the Viking boats of old.  Tim and his wife enjoyed sailing it in the Hannibal area and are now looking forward to sailing in the Greater Savannah Area.  

In 2017, Tim bought a wood lathe and turned his first bowl.  He has never looked back!  His passion was found. Early on, he found a love for “live edge” bowls and large detailed segmented pieces. 

In 2020, Tim, his wife (Kathy), along with their youngest daughter Jenna, moved from Hannibal to Savannah to be closer to their grandkids and connect with the local artist community.  

Tim continues to push the limits of his lathe, as well as his imagination, to create a variety of pieces that cover a wide range of design, size, and complexity.