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Olivia Beaumont

Olivia Beaumont is best known for her oil paintings of richly dressed animal characters. She was born in Long Beach, California and now lives in a small town near Savannah, Georgia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting (CSULB, 2009).
In 2016 she published her first children’s book, Tales from the Beautiful Mountain, which she authored and illustrated.
Olivia’s paintings are full of historical art references. Her use of Renaissance themes, Golden age painting techniques, and costumes borrowed from history’s nobility transport viewers into an Old World. Her portraits have been described by curators as haunting and soulful. Her intent is to invite the viewer into an enchanted world, while striking human chords of wonder, beauty, and humor.
Website: Olivia Beaumont
Email: oliviabeaumontart@gmail.com
Facebook: Beaumont Studio