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Tibby Llewellyn

 Tibby Llewellyn has been working as a batik artist for many years.  Batik is the interpretation of a design on fabric by the use of waxes and dyes. It is a wax-resist process in which the colored dyes are layered on one at a time, starting with the lightest, each color kept in place by a painted on melted wax mixture.  The wax is removed when the design is complete.  Tibby works primarily on imported silks which add their unmistakable character and texture to each work.  She chooses subjects that suggest motion and are enhanced by the fluid effect of batik.  A sailboat catching the wind with its spinnaker, a wading egret, swaying marsh grasses – each is captured and interpreted by the complex batik process.

Tibby has studied a range of art media over the years but is self-taught in the batik process. She has a degree in mathematics from Duke University and feels that the logic and precision of math play a very important part in the calculated, step-by-step process of creating a batik.

Winner of several awards during the years she has been showing professionally, Tibby’s work has been honored in one-artist shows up and down the east coast. She is co-owner and past president of Gallery 209 on historic River Street in Savannah and her work is represented in many private collections.


Email: duke70grad@yahoo.com