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Kim Miller

Originally from West Virginia, Kim Miller has lived in Savannah, Georgia since 1997. Coastal Georgia provides a constant source of inspiration for her drawings and paintings. The difficulty comes from having to choose between the historic architecture, wildlife, or beautiful scenery as a subject for her artwork. Through the years she has experimented with a variety of media, but always seems to return to some type of drawing. She likes the immediate results from putting a pen or a pencil on paper. She enjoys the process of creating an image using the basics of line and value, although many of her drawings incorporate hints of color.

Her most recent work is created on Clayboard panels using a combination of media. These include graphite pencil, ink, colored pencil, and acrylic paint. The unique surface of clayboard allows pigments to be removed as well as added to create luminous lights and darks. Drawings are sealed to allow for framing without glass.

Website: artbykkm.com

Email: artbykkm@comcast.net