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Luba Lowry

Ocean Painting

Luba Lowry is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where she majored in painting while earning a minor in fashion design. Born and raised in the Siberian city of Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, Luba has traveled widely and thrived on the challenges of living and working in various cultures — including Russia, Turkey, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. She is now a naturalized American citizen. Since graduating high-school, Luba made her living simultaneously as a painter and fashion designer. In 1997, she opened a dress shop in Dubai and can assure everyone that beneath the black burkhas of Islamic woman are worn some of the most beautiful and fashionable gowns imaginable. Many of her paintings were hung in German restaurants, and while working in the United Arab Emirates she created a twenty-five-by-twelve foot mural for a popular hotel. Soon after moving to the United States, she completed a series of Soviet-styled paintings for a new Russian-American restaurant opened in downtown Minneapolis.

Luba’s life-long dream to obtain a formal art education led her to SCAD and the city of Savannah, where her favored genre is the portrait while her preferred medium is oil. Luba’s concentrated focus is resolving the unique challenges of the modern portrait. Current additional artistic challenges include her on-going series of Savannah-Scapes, and her quintessential mixed-media of the brocaded Asian fish known as Koi; a unique, multi-colored carp symbolizing love and perseverance which Luba employs to explore kaleidoscopic movement within water, juxtaposed with light and depth.

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